Everything you need to do starts here

Use the checklist we have provided in your Welcome Kit to check off the items one by one.

  • Get your contracts signed

  • Get the deposit payments paid

  • Merchant Accounts:

    • Merchant Account Application filled out and submitted
    •  Authorize.net Login details / Account set up and configuration
  • Order Fulfillment

    • Fulfillment Account Application filled out and submitted
    • Order your boxes, inserts, shipping materials and have them delivered to the shipping location.
    • Plan your shipping and customer support strategy with the Fulfillment center.
  • Materials and Resources Needed

    • Logo – (hi-res, PNG if available)
    • Fonts
    • Product photos – default photo (hi-res)
    • Product photos – alternate view photos (hi-res)
    • About Us photo (hi-res)
    • Contact Us photo (hi-res)
    • Additional Photos (if wanted/needed) (hi-res)
    • Text / Copy for web pages – about, contact, faq’s, terms and privacy policy.
  • Project Spreadsheet

    • Website Details
    • Product Information
    • Shipping Information

Once you’ve got each item checked off, you’re on your way to big sales!