Technology Matters

Ask your agent or representative about other brands that have had their sites crash within the first 20 minutes of these sales and ended up missing out on a million dollar sales day. Ask them if they think it’s important. The main reason sites go down is not due to immense traffic, but due to the database being overwhelmed with thousands of transactions requests within very short periods of time. Most infrastructures in the world cannot handle the workload that successful Flash Sales generate. This is where we come in. We have developed a no-database shopping cart that works directly with one of the world’s largest and most stable transaction processing infrastructures ( There is no software to purchase, install and configure. All of the development is done with our code which sends all the data securely to where the orders are processed.

If you're dealing with an agency, they will be able to tell you some of the stories from these sales where very successul people assumed they had things totally under control and then watched the bottom drop out from underneath them. Million dollar sales days missed due to sites crashing and being unable to handle the demand from the sale. Brand values damaged as a result from having no ability to react in such a short time frame for all the angry customers who wanted their 24 hour sale price. Don't get caught with an unexpected outage like that. We have had our sites burn through some of the highest grossing sales recorded without so much as a hiccup. We have done a lot of these sales and we have set up an excellent network of partners and providers who participate in making our sites some of the most efficient the internet has ever seen.

Merchant Accounts Matter

There was one CEO of a moderately successful company who used his existing merchant account thinking it was the perfect solution for this type of sale. He had been using it for years and never had a single problem with it. His sale was a smashing success and when he went to pull out some of the funds from the sale to purchase materials to make more stock to ship, he was told by the bank he couldn't touch any of that money for 6 months. He had already promised the customers that he would ship everything in 4-6 weeks, but there was no way he could afford to buy all the product to fill all the orders without the money from that sale. End result, he had to take out 2 mortgages on his home to raise enough money to puchase enough product to fill the orders from the sale. Don't let something like this happen to you. Ask us about connecting you to people we use ourselves for our own sales. They deal with brands that do flash sales all the time and understand their needs. Let us put you in touch with the right people right away.

Order Fulfillment Matters

Chances are, your business is not equipped to handle the massive increase in volume generated from the most successful flash sales. Failure to deliver product in a timeley fashion can generate a lot of angry customers that will damage your brand value, create chargebacks that will cripple your credit, and get you blacklisted from appearing on the big sale circuit anytime in the future with a bad customer service record. Don't leave this part up to chance, let the professionals handle it, ask us how we can assist in connecting you with the pros who can help you at an affordable price.